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 ZEN as...inspired in India. 

Separate classes for absolute beginners and intermediate in Malvern, Worcester and on ZOOM.  

The time to future proof is now...

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Hi!  I'm Nat,
I began my yoga journey in India.  2 hours a day fixed my backpacker's back and hip problems,  but what surprised me the most was the development of a deep  mind body connection.  In 2014 I reached Goa and Iyengar Yoga worked its magic.  Iyengar taught me the importance of alignment but I subsequently trained in Hatha which is a comfortable mix of alignment and flow.

When I returned from travelling I began teaching my friends what I had learned; all of whom, like me, had dipped in and out of yoga through their 20's and 30's.  I found it so natural and so rewarding and soon I booked a hall and started a group!   The feedback was so encouraging that I went back to India for teacher training so that I could spread yoga further and wider.
I’m known for my passion, unique approach, and inspirational instructing style that embodies physical, spiritual, and mental strength.

Don't  panic, just me showing off, I wont teach headstands
(to beginners ;)

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