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Yoga your way

Thank yourself for getting on the mat; for thinking of very little else while you connect your mind to your body through your breath - for a whole hour.  For taking the time
to take care of yourself, giving you the strength, space and patience to take care of the others in your life. 

I cannot even begin to explain the depth of yoga, its something you will start to experience from connecting your mind to your body.  For you, yoga begins from where you are.  Leave your competition at the door!  Find YOUR place of comfortable effort and work with it.  Maintain a controlled breath and don’t push on past your point of progress.   For many people this is the first life lesson yoga teaches us.   Other exercises exacerbate the breath and strain on past the body’s natural ability.  Take time, yoga is a journey, your ability to go deeper into postures will come as the body begins to trust you; but if you hurt it, it will pull back and tighten up.  So in yoga we learn to find our limits and work with them safely. 

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